Project Roles and Responsibilities

Project Team

You are a member of the Project Team. This team will be comprised of key members who will be involved throughout the project.

  • Project Sponsor and our Client – You are the Project Sponsor and our Client who will represent and approve project decisions on behalf of the UBCO unit, department or faculty for which work has been requested.
  • Project Lead (UBC Okanagan Project Services) – leads the project from initiation to completion, oversees the Project Team and monitors and controls the project budget and schedule.

In addition, engaging the following, when appropriate:

  • Contractor – the contracted expert who leads the construction of your project.  They manage the construction process and ensure that the design, regulatory, site safety and other quality requirements are met.  This role is contracted out to a construction company through a tendering process.  A competitive bidding process ensures you receive the most qualified contractor for the job.
  • Consultants – create the site design plans, provides design expertise, particularly during the planning and design phases but throughout the project and reviews and ensures plans adhere with regulations.  This role is appointed to the relevant qualified specialist (such as an architect or engineer and/or internal services such as IT services and Facilities)
  • Vendors – from time to time we may have vendors who will contact consultants and engage with the client

Project Specific Responsibilities, if your project involves:

  • Rekeying an area or the creation of a new lockable space, your responsibility will be the request keys and/or the (re)programming of fobs for your employees through UBCO Access Control upon completion of the project.  Project Services will manage the keying of your project but we are not authorized to request keys on behalf of your employees.  Each unit on campus has designates who are responsible for obtaining access for employees.
  • IT, Media & Classroom Services – An office move will be your responsibility which will consist of submitting a work order to IT services (online) for the physical movement of any computer equipment as well as the transfer of the computer address; transfer of current staff phone numbers to a new location if not done automatically by IT Services will be your responsibility.
  • Laboratory Area – if your area involves a laboratory area, your responsibility will be to assign a person who will monitor the laboratory safety and obtain clearance from UBCO Risk Management Services.

Project Sponsor and Our Client (You)

You, the project sponsor and our client are a crucial member of the Project Team.  Project Services will do the leg work to help you to achieve your project goals, but we will need you to be involved in key decisions that will determine the quality of your final product. Your ability to commit time to meetings, project input and feedback will be required for the duration of the project.

Project Sponsor’s responsibilities are:

  • Communication – keep in touch with your Project Lead and include them in any discussions you have with other project team members.
  • Sharing information with your building and neighbors –
    1. Act as the main point of contact for your colleagues affected by the project and update them on the project status.  If you are not the most appropriate person for your Project Lead to be communicating with on this project, please advise them at the beginning of the process.
    2. Assist in notifying your building occupants and neighboring buildings that the project is happening.  This is especially important if the project will involve loud noise or vibrations which may affect students’ exam or class timetabling or researchers conducting sensitive research.
  • Leave/Vacation Notifications – notify your Project Lead in advance when you are going on leave and let them know who they should contact during your absence.
  • Your Requirements – explain your project requirements in as much detail as possible to your Project Lead throughout the initial, planning and design phases.  Before construction begins, a contract will be agreed to proceed with the appointed contractor, and any changes to that contract, due to changes in your requirements, will lead to changes in the value of the contract and the construction schedule.  While we carry a contingency for changes of an unexpected nature, if the project scope is changed during construction, costs incurred are likely to affect the value and schedule of the contract.  Report any site specific safety requirements and hazards to your Project Lead.
  • Unique Conditions – Notify your Project Lead of any unique conditions at the project site such as the presence of animals or specific temperature settings.  Provide equipment lists, how they work and what is needed, including equipment specifications.
  • Other Project Notifications – inform your Project Lead if you have any other projects happening in the next few months.
  • Project Charter – It is your responsibility to initiate and submit to UBC Okanagan Project Services.  This document will outline the project scope, key contacts and other details which you have both agreed to.
  • Funding – Confirm who the funding approver is for the project (if this is not you) and provide their contact details in the Project Charter.  You will be responsible for ensuring that your funding approver signs off on estimates in a timely manner.  Your Project Lead is not responsible for following up on this.  Delays to estimate sign-offs may impact project timelines.
  • Meetings – Attend important project meetings.  Your Project Lead will advise you which meetings you are required to attend.  Due to the nature of construction, please be aware that you may be required to attend some ad hoc project meetings at short notice.
  • Approvals – Review and approve project plans and documentation in a timely manner.  If you would like more information about when you will be required to review documentation, please ask your Project Lead.  Review and approve finalized deficiencies list after a site walk-through at substantial completion.  This document must be signed by you, the consultant, contractor and Project Lead.
  • Constraints – Inform your Project Lead of any constraints regarding budget, schedule and other unique requirements.
  • Feedback – Provide UBC Okanagan Project Services feedback at any time during the project. If you are really happy with how your project is running or have suggestions on how we can do things better, we would like to know.  You can provide feedback directly to

Project Lead, UBC Okanagan Project Services

Your Project Lead is the key point of contact for the duration of the project who undertakes a wide range of tasks over the course of a project.

Project Lead’s responsibilities are to:

  • Project Team – Assemble the Project Team, establish lines of communication between team members and confirm each team member’s responsibilities.
  • Financial – Create the initial project schedule and budget and update these documents throughout the project. Manage the financials and legal requirements of the project including but not limited to:  creating and issuing contracts, reviewing and certifying final invoices from contractors, suppliers and other sources and obtaining insurance certificates.
  • Project Stages – Prepare estimates, monitor, and control the project budget.
  • Updates – Keep you updated at regular intervals on the progress of the project.
  • Permits – Prepare permit applications and obtain permits where necessary.
  • Tendering – If applicable – coordinate the tendering process to obtain project bids and award the construction contract, including pre-tender site meeting which the consultant and the bidding contractors attend.
  • Pre-construction – Coordinate the pre-construction meeting.
  • Project supervision – Provide or coordinate onsite supervision, inspection and monitoring of the work during the construction phase.
  • Project Closure – Coordinate handover of the completed project to the Project Sponsor.